Burger King

LoweLintas was the ad agency that created KidVid as an animated spokesperson for Burger King Kid's Club. We animated him in four ads: KidVid zapped a boy out of his cello lesson in the first commercial, then a brother and sister away from their mean and scary-looking babysitter, and in a third, a boy from a dressing room in a department store where he is forced to wear an embarrassing outfit. In this final adventure, KidVid rescues a boy from a potentially embarrassing one-on-one encounter with the tallest girl in gym class.

Eve Frumkin was the producer at LoweLintas. I remember meeting her sometime in the 1970s, when I first started at Perpetual Motion Pictures.  I had been invited by Hal Hoffer, the salesman for Perpetual, to have lunch with Eve when I had completed a job for her. Madison Avenue was still very much an all-boys club with no network for women in advertising, but we hit it off right away, talking about KNITTING! We both laughed at the idea that women could bond over something like that, unlike the men who networked through poker games or basketball.

She called Buzzco years later-- in the 1990's and awarded us the 4 Burger King KidVid spots. Vinny and I went to live action shoots because we would be responsible for matching the animation to the action, where we got to know her well.  A real class act-- we loved working on the spots, especially working with her.


Again, no record of who worked on this.  The ad agency was LoweLintas and Eve Frumkin was the producer. Vincent Cafarelli and I directed the spots, I believe Bill Peckmann did the layouts and Vinny and Vincent Bell did the animation, but I don't remember the live action unit or who was in the studio when we made these spots in the early 1990's.


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