Oooh I Love My Coffee

Marc Black, the composer for It's Still Me! A Guide for People with Aphasia and their Loved Ones, approached Buzzco to make a music video for his new song “Oooh I Love My Coffee!!”  When our overly caffeinated crew heard the song for the first time, it struck a chord — and Marc was delighted that we’d bring it to life!


When Marc Black asked if we could create his music video, not only did I immediately see how it could be done, it also seemed like a good follow-up for Bryon Moore to learn more about computer animation (see his first attempt with Abdul the Reluctant Martyr). I drew a rough thumbnail storyboard which he transformed into the images we have now.

The sadness I have about this film is that soon after this was finished, Bryon decided that he just didn’t like working with a stylus and Wacom pad and went back to working on paper– away from animation.


Song: "Oooh I Love My Coffee"
Composed and performed by Marc Black
Jesuma Publishing (ASCAP)
Suma Records
©Marc Black

Direction:  Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli
Design:  Bryon Moore
Animation: Rick Broas
Executive Producer:  Marilyn Kraemer

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