ACTMEDIA: The War in the Store

From time to time Buzzco gets asked to create internal films for large companies to explain benefits packages or sales techniques. Traditionally this is a lower budget item, but we have found ways to make them enjoyable and fun (sort of adult educational films!). For ActMedia (the supermarket direct marketing firm) we created a 10-minute, multi-media tape called The War in the Store.


This was a job to remember!

Not only did it include animating toon spokespeople for name brands, we would have to animate boxes and be present for both the live camera shoot of the talent.  There was also an all-nighter at a supermarket in Long Island where we had photographer Gil Ortiz shoot black and white photos of stocked shelves, grocery carts, etc.

We were not allowed to start shooting until about midnight and we were still there when the sun came up. There were few times stoners came in for munchies, but the store was ours.

When we wrapped, Vinny went home as did Gilbert.  I remembered all nighters at school, but I found myself walking into walls by afternoon and went home myself!


(from memory)

LPG/Pon: George Lois, president

Writer: Neil Brownlee

Art Director: Dennis Mazzella

Producer: Theresa Maranzano

(I don't remember the live camera crew nor the talents' names...)

Buzzco Associates, inc

Directors: Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel

Animation: Vincent Cafarelli

Design: Candy Kugel

Still Camera: Gilbert Ortiz

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer



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