Our Animation

We do animation...to be more specific..handmade animation. We started mid-century when animated tricks had to be created in the camera or in the drawing or on the set. We didn’t have computers.

Today we happily use computers as a tool to help finish our vision, but always stay mindful of our traditional drawing background. 


From our iconic MTV work through our 21st century work, commissioned ads and TV ID’s have given us a puzzle to figure out how to satisfy our clients and their potential consumers. Lately, documentary filmmakers have come to have us help them with visual images to fortify
their message.

Educational Films

Buzzco loves doing educational films! We love to learn something new when we create them-- whether for preschoolers, high schoolers or adults.
We go beyond just illustrating dialog, we strive to make the explanations clearer!


Indy Films

When I began working in animation, I always wanted to make my own films--I started with "InBetweening America", an homage to my idol, Saul Steinberg followed by a few more...

Then, as part of our partners' agreement in forming Buzzco Associates in 1985, Vincent, Marilyn and I decided that it was important to us to make our own films. 

From 1987's "A Warm Reception in L.A. " up to Vincent Cafarelli's death in December 2011, Buzzco made over a dozen independent films. After his death, I made a tribute to him "The Last Time" (2012), which was then followed by "I, Candy" (2018) and more.

I've always like creating new styles and techniques for hand drawn, 2D animation and our independent films allowed me that freedom.

Music Videos

Music and songs bring images and stories to mind. Many of our independent films were based on songs we created with composer Lanny Meyers. In this section we show movies we made from existing songs.

TV & Film

Candy started her career at Perpetual Motion Pictures doing work for NBC’s Weekend show and later the Berenstain Bears’ holiday specials, Strawberry Shortcake in Big Apple City and Deck the Halls with Wacky Walls. Much of Buzzco’s early work was for the nascent cable
networks as well. Here’s a taste of our TV work.
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