Indy Films

As part of our partners' agreement in forming Buzzco Associates, Vincent, Marilyn and I decided that it was important to us to make our own films. From "A Warm Reception in L.A." (1987) we have created more than a dozen shorts, all utilizing the musical talents of composer, Lanny Meyers. 

In 2012, soon after the sudden death of Vincent, I felt I needed to complete our long collaboration to create the memorial, “The Last Time.” 

In 2017, my last employee, Rick Broas, decided it was time for him to return to his home state, Maine, and I thought I would make my final animated film, “I, Candy," which premiered at the Museum of Modern Art. 

But then in 2018, I had so much fun telling and animating "I, Candy", and because there were more episodes I needed to cut out, I made “Miracle on Central Park West”, completed late February 2020, just as COVID restrictions set in. And what better to do during the 2020-2021 year-long lockdown but make another short “A Tale of Two Weddings”.   There may be more!!
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