Right! demonstrates current worldwide trends: there are people who think it is more important to choose a philosophical side or team and stick to its fundamentals, rather than allow free thinking and debate. If the world is divided into 'good' and 'evil', or black and white, there is no room for gray or nuance. Right! shows the inevitable results.

One of the perks of teaching at the School of Visual Arts was the possibility of taking 2 classes there. I cashed in with taking a class in Maya in the Spring of 2006 with animator, Rick Broas, and we made our first (and only) 3D film, Right!

As with our earlier films, this one started with a disturbing personal experience. Then I wrote song lyrics for Lanny Meyers who composed the song. Lanny created a tune that is relentless in its basis of a single chord - which adds to the insistent nature of the divided opinions. 

I was delighted that my old friend and fantastic voice actor, Jim Thurman, agreed to be my counterpoint in the song. It is a bittersweet memory because he unexpectedly passed away soon after. I still miss him.

It took a bit over a year to finish. And basically convinced me that 3D computer graphics is not my strong point– I had to use Adobe AfterEffects to fix much of my work!


Created by: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli
Written and Directed by: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli
Executive Producer: Marilyn Kraimer
Production Company: Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Animator: Richard Broas & Candy Kugel
Lyrics: Candy Kugel
Music: Lanny Meyers
Performers: Jim Thurman & Candy Kugel
Music Studio: No Fat Communication
Engineer: Greg Arnold
Sound Design -Voice Record, Effects & Mix: Richard Fairbanks

With Thanks To:
Susan TaaffeSchool of Visual ArtsCharlexRichard LainhartIsaiah Sheffer

Created With:
Alias MayaAdobe AfterEffectsAdobe Photoshop


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