Jim & Jeff Thurman

We met Jim Thurman, head writer for Sesame Street, when we heard him record the voices for the first five spots we did. Later Jim agreed to act in our independent film, Snowie and the Seven Dorps. Later, when Jeff Thurman (son of...), senior writer for Square One TV, was looking for a new look for "The Further Adventures of Zook and Allison", he remembered Buzzco. Jim Thurman played the voice of Uncle Wilt for that series as well.

Jim Thurman wrote the script for our award-winning half hour for Planned Parenthood Federation of America's  Talking About Sex- A Guide for Families.

And then, when we made our short, "Right!" Jim agreed to voice the man. We pitched a bunch of projects that didn't make it, but we loved working with both of them!!


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