June 28, 2023

Delighted to be a Legend of NY Animation

SAS, the Society for Animation Studies, held its annual convention in Rowan University. On its final night they held a panel of "Legendary East Coast Animators" including Candy Kugel. The panel consisted of John Canemaker, Howard Beckerman, George Griffin, Tom Sito, Yvette Kaplan, JJ Sedelmaier, WIllie Moore, and me, hosted by historian, Robbie Gilbert. It was a lively discussion focussing on the independent animation community starting with the "Frames Generation." Frames was a book published in 1978 by George Griffin featuring work from the independent animation community of the time. Personally it was great to relive the zeitgeist of the time and especially talking about Michael Sporn, his work as both an animation filmmaker and historian. Click here to see Robbie Gilbert's introductions.

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