Snowie and the Seven Dorps

“Snowie and the Seven Drops” takes a favorite fairy tale and brings it up-to-date for the 1990’s to explain such New Age pop-psych phenomena as passive/aggressive behavior, co-dependency and enabling. Thus it focuses a new light on the Prince's immediate passion for the sleeping Princess!!

Psycho-babble was a new found phenomenon in the late 1980's, including the idea of excusing passive aggressive behavior. We had an employee who realized that she had gone on a lot of dates with a variety of men who exhibited this behavior. Understanding it was a real thing, we still felt it was silly and made it the basis for the retelling of a fairy tale.

We were working with Jim Thurman at Sesame Street on a bunch of projects. When I showed him my script he agreed to lend his amazing talent to voice almost all of the characters. We missed Lanny Meyers' participation in this movie, so he composed the score and we made a song for the final credits.

An added benefit was that "Snowie"  later inspired "The Further Adventures of Zook and Alison", an animated series for CTW's Square One Television.



•1 Reel Film Festival, Seattle, WA., USA - Participated
•ASIFA - East, New York, N.Y., USA - Direction - 3rd Prize
•BACA 22nd Annual Film Festival, Brooklyn, N.Y., USA - Outstanding Animation
•15th Int'l Animated Film Festival of Espinho, Espinho, Portugal - Cert. of Participation
•34th London Film Festival, London, England - Participated
•42nd Int'l Film Festival of Montecatini Terme, Rome, Italy - Competetive
•Lucille Ball Festival of New Comedy, Jamestown, N.Y., USA - Non-Competitive
•C.I.N.E. '90, Washington, D.C., USA - Golden Eagle
•Sacramento Int'l Film & Video Festival, Sacramento, Ca., USA - Gold Star Award
•13th Annual Film & Video Competition of the 21st Annual USA Film Festival, Dallas, Texas, USA - Participated
•9th World Festival of Animation (Zagreb '90), Zagreb, Yugoslavia - Participated
•Tampere Film Festival, Finland - Participated
•Le Festival Du Dessin Anime Et Du Film D'Animation, Brussels - Participated
•15th Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong - Participated
•8th Jerusaleum Film Festival, Jerusalem, Israel - Cert. of Participation
•2nd Cairo International Film Festival for Children, Cairo, Egypt - Bronze
•27th Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, IL., USA - Participated
•Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Chicago, IL., USA - Participated
•14th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival/Videofest, Mill Valley, CA., - Participated
•Pia Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan - Participated
•Breckenridge Festival Of Film, Breckenridge, CO., USA - Participated
•10th Asbury Film Festival, New York, N.Y., USA - Participated
•36th Cork International Film Festival, Cork, Ireland - Certificate of Merit
•Fifth Annual W.O.W. Women's Film & Video Festival, New York, N.Y., USA - Participated
•International Animation Festival, Cardiff, England - Participated
•Teruel International Video Contest, Teruel, Spain - Participated
•Bombay International Film Festival, Bombay, India - Participated
•6th International Animation Film Festival Stuttgart '92, Stuttgart, Germany - Participated


•The Third Anmation Celebration - Released theatrically nationwide
•Best of Zagreb '90 La Cinematheque quebecoise, Montreal
•Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley
•Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.
•Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass.
•National Film Theatre, London, England - (5/92 as part of animation season)
•Northfield Mt. Hermon School - By Request


Directors: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
Producers: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
Designer: Candy Kugel
Animator: Vincent Cafarelli
Written By: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli
Animation Helpers: Anne Barrett, Bryon Moore, Julie Allen
Production Co.: Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Executive Producer: Marilyn Kraemer
Camera: John Rowohlt
Editor: Neil Lawrence
Voices: Jim ThurmanCandy KugelVincent Cafarelli
Recorded At: Blane & Derosa Productions
Engineer: Steve Blane
Music: Lanny Meyers
Produced & Performed By: Lanstronaut, Inc.
Recorded At: Paradise Studios
Engineer: Keith Goldstein
Original Song: Passive-Agressively
Lyrics: Candy Kugel
Music: Lanny Meyers
Vocal Support: Andrea Green
Sound Mix: Photomag
Engineer: Steve Rosen
Producer: Beverly Dichter
Telecine Transfer: Princzko Productions
Colorist: Bill Willig
Film Processed At: Technicolor East Coast Div.
Lab Liaison: Nick Alberti


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