Lanny Meyers

Lanny Meyers started his collaboration with Buzzco in 1986 when he composed the memorable "A Warm Reception in L.A." based on lyrics written by Vinny and a story too familiar to Buzzco and Meyers. Since then he has written scores of scores to all of Buzzco's independent films and many of their commissioned works, including pieces for Sesame Street, CIBA's Hard to Harm a Flea, American Academy of Pediatric's Couch Potato, and Planned Parenthood's Talking About Sex: A Guide for Families. When Vinny passed away, and I called him about a song-- "The Last Time" which he composed in a month! Since then Lanny has continued scoring "I, Candy", "Miracle on Central Park West" and "Tale of Two Weddings" and I made videos for his "Blessings of the Seasons", "Vashti" and "Daddy's Girl."


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