Couch Potato

After Jeff Molter from the American Academy of Pediatrics saw A Warm Reception in L.A., he had us create Couch Potato for them. Back in the late 1980's parents were worried that their kids spent too much time in front of the TV, and we were asked to create a jingle and ad helping to get kids outside and playing.

This was yet another commercial job inspired by our first independent film.  Of course, Lanny Meyers wrote the jingle and Buzzco created the design-- neon over black!

We were so delighted to get the old gang back together again. And Lanny's song was really infectious!

Years later he wrote another version "Mouse Potato" updating it to address too much computer/tablet/phone time, but we couldn't sell it.


(from memory)

American Academy of Pediatrics: Jeff Molter

Buzzco Associates, inc.

Directors: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli

Design: Candy Kugel

Animation: Vincent Cafarelli

Jingle: Lanny Meyers

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer

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