Fast Food Matador

In 1991 we completed our third short, Fast Food Matador. It was another collaboration with Lanny Meyers - this one takes a Latin beat! It tells the story of a coffee shop delivery boy (a permanent Manhattan feature) who imagines a different type of blood-and-sand than what he finds on West 52nd Street.

Inspired by Picasso's bullfight sketches, we explored a brand new style of animation.

While we were working with Lanny Meyers in his studio, he pointed out the Wilfred Beauty Academy across the street. This was a for-profit establishment that taught young people how to become beauticians... mostly aimed at the Latino community. We watched as the deli delivery boys navigated the Broadway traffic below his window, delivering bags of food across the street. He said it should make a song!

He did, and it was a cabaret hit for his singers. We decided it would also make a great film. Inspired by Picasso’s brush and ink bullfight series of drawings, Vinny and I got to work. My old boss from Perpetual Motion Pictures and Vinny’s dear friend, designer Hal Silvermintz, had retired to the Miami Beach area because of some health issues. We visited him in February of 1990 and although he could no longer hold a pencil, he was creating some wonderful brush and ink paintings. Would he like to do some designs for Fast Food Matador? Absolutely, so we supplied him with Cartoon Colour paint and cels and he created beautiful paintings.

It was presented as part of the New York Film Festival’s closing night along with David Mamet’s Homicide and has received many other awards and honors. It has been acquired by both the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Malaga Spain’s Picasso Museum, an enormous tribute to our work.


•1 Reel Film Festival, Seattle, WA., USA - Participated
•29th New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, NY, USA - Closing Night Short
•CINE Annual Golden Eagle Film & Video, Washington, D.C., USA - Golden Eagle
•Olympia Film Festival, Olympia, Washington, USA - Participated
•Los Angeles Animation Celebration, Los Angeles, California, USA - Participated
•San Antonio CineFestival, San Antonio, Texas, USA - Best Animation
•ASIFA-East, New York, NY, USA - First Place Design
•Aspen ShortsFest, Aspen, Colorado, USA - Special Recognition
•City Lore Film Festival, New York, NY, USA - Participated
•Third Wave International Women's Festival, Austin, Texas, USA - Participated
•BACA 26th Annual Film & Video Festival, Brooklyn, NY, USA - First Place Animation
•15th Portland International Film Festival, Portland, Ore., USA - Participated
•USA Film Festival, Dallas, Tx., USA - Finalist
•The XXII Tampere International Short Film Festival, Tampere, Finland - Participated
•Ismalia International Festival, Guiza, Egypt - Participated
•ASIFA-San Francisco, San Francisco, Ca., USA - Participated
•Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, Washington, USA - Participated
•Sinking Creek Film Festival, Nashville, TN, USA - Cash Award
•Utah Short Film and Video Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Participated
•International Animation Film Festival Stuttgart '92, Stuttgart, Germany - Participated
•11th International Film Festival, Rouyn-Noranda - Participated
•Abiti-Temiscamingue '92, Quebec, Canada - Participated
•26th Annual New York Expo, New York, NY, USA - Third Place
•ASIFA San Francisco, San Francisco, Ca., USA - Participated
•Cinequest, San Jose, Ca., USA - Participated
•Denver International Film Festival, Denver,CO, USA - Participated
•VI International Video Festival of the Algarve, Algarve, Portugal - First Place Animation
•The Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, British Columbia - Participated
•Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Santa Barbara, Ca., USA - Participated
•Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale,Ill., USA - Participated
•Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio, USA - Participated
•Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio, USA - Participated
•Rochester Film Festival, Rochester, NY, USA - Cash Award
•Breckenridge, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA - Participated
•Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio, USA - Participated
•Best of Annecy, Montrèal, Quèbec - Participated
•Festival Jeunesse, Bourg en Bresse - Participated
•Canadian International Film Festival, Ontario, Canada - Special Commendation


Directors: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
Producers: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
Designer: Hal Silvermintz
Layout: Candy Kugel
Animator: Vincent Cafarelli
Written By: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli
Animation Helpers: Bryon MooreThomas Warburton
Production Co.: Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Executive Producer: Marilyn Kraemer
Camera: John Rowohlt
Track Analysis: Max Seligman
Music & Lyrics: Lanny Meyers
Produced By: Lanstronaut, Inc.
Voices - Soloist: Deborah Torrez
Voices - Group: Kimberlee WertzCharmaine YatesMichelle Bettata
Recorded At: Paradise Studios
Engineer: Keith Goldstein
Telecine Transfer: Princzko Productions
Colorist: Bill Willig
Film Processed At: Technicolor East Coast Div.
Lab Liason: Nick Alberti


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