The Last Time

The Last Time was begun in January 2012 just after the sudden death of Vincent Cafarelli in December 2011.

Vincent and Candy worked together for 38 years making animated films—both commercial and personal. Sadly, Vincent, after a full day at work, went home, went to bed and never woke up. The Last Time is both a tribute to their collaboration and a recognition of such a sudden and massive loss. “She didn’t know the last time she saw him, that it would be the last time she’d see him.”

Vincent’s death was quite a shock, and Candy could only focus on the future by completing their “oeuvre” with a final film. Their long time collaborator, composer Lanny Meyers (who wrote the music to all their independent films and some of their commercial ones) and Candy wrote the song in January. Storyboarding and animation followed.

Animator Rick Broas, who began his career in animation at Buzzco, animated the film using ToonBoom’s Animate Pro. Candy, who designed the film, took his drawings and cleaned them up. Because she wanted the film to have the look of a hand drawn film, she drew and scratched an ink line in the style of Archie Foley and used a colored pencil/chalk coloring like her early work.

The film had its world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival in April 2013 and we would like to recognize the generous support given by ToonBoom, Curious Pictures, Beatstreet Productions and Charlex.

I had known Vinny since the summer of 1974 when I was hired full-time at Perpetual Motion Pictures and was working on my first assignment, a sales film for Cortauld’s Rayon. I had already been working at Perpetual as an intern and had done some small animated bits for them as well as a student film at RISD. But this was a 3-minute professional film that I was responsible for. 

Vinny had worked with both Hal Silvermintz and Buzz Potamkin when they all worked at Stars and Stripes Forever Productions (before Hal and Buzz left to form Perpetual) and was now free-lancing at Perpetual since Stars and Stripes closed.

Because I had learned my type of animation on my own, Vinny helped me with the basics of animation that I had never knew– how to flip on bottom pegs, read a timing chart, inbetweening.

We grew to be close friends and eventually creative partners and owners of Buzzco Associates.

His death was a massive loss and unexpected. 

And I could only do what I’ve always done– make a movie about it.

I began with the lyrics… then Lanny wrote the beautiful song… and then I did the storyboard and layouts– all done within the first weeks after Vinny’s death and this mourning period would turn out to be the only way I could capture the emotion in real time and help me cope.

I also had amazing help from surprising sources. Rick Broas, who had worked with Vinny and me since 1999, was much more plugged into the evolving technology. He suggested we work directly on the computer with Toonboom so we wouldn’t have to rely on scanning paper or work in the then very buggy Flash. And to work on Wacom’s new tablet, Cintiq, which would allow us to work directly on the screen. Toonboom gave me a free limited license and Curious Pictures lent us two Cintiqs they weren’t using at the time. So it also gave us the means to make the film and work after.

There was a lot of sadness in making the film, but satisfaction in doing it and I felt Vinny’s presence throughout. It premiered at Tribeca when members of Vinny’s family could attend, and was shown at the Annecy International Animation Festival the following summer during the presentation of “Le Grand Sommeil”-- their tribute to animators who have passed.


2012 premiered at Tribeca Film Festival

Black Maria Film Festival

LaFemme Film Festival, Los Angeles

2013- Le Grand Sommeil and then again in2015 Annecy International Film Festival- Women in Animation Series

Dakota Digital Film Festival

P-Town Film Festival

ASIFA- East Film Festival



Song, "The Last Time" by Lanny Meyers and Candy Kugel
Performed by Sandy Bainum (singer) Lanny Meyers (keyboard)
Recorded at Beatstreet Productions
Engineer Jared O'Connell
Animation Rick Broas
Animation technology: Toon Boom Animation Inc. -
Produced by Buzzco Associates, inc.
Executive Producer Marilyn Kraemer
Directed, Designed and Written by Candy Kugel
©2012 Buzzco Associates, Inc.


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