A Tale of Two Weddings

“A Tale of Two Weddings” continues Candy Kugel’s series of autobiographical films starting with “I, Candy” (2018), then “Miracle on Central Park West” (2020). “A Tale of Two Weddings” chronicles the seemingly impossible task of attending two important family obligations taking place 48 hours apart—one on the Jersey Shore, NJ USA and the other in Jerusalem, Israel. With two very different families and traditions…or were they?

This is what I did during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020/2021. I even finished the picture almost a year before I could mix it because of outbreaks of Covid and studios closing.  I believe it is one of Lanny Meyers best scores and I loved all the challenges this story offered me to meet!

Because of the difficulty of getting films into festivals (my personal ones anyway-- the commissioned works seem to find their way!) this is also an experiment. I am offering it first here, on my brand-new website, because I'd rather have people see my work than get prizes.  What I'm missing is the chance to watch it on the big screen (where it was made for!) with an audience...but this is a start!

But, guess what?! It got accepted at the prestigious 24th Woodstock Film Festival- September 27-October 1, 2023 and was a nominated finalist! I had a fabulous time at the festival and was honored to be included in such a wonderful program- thank you!


2023 Thomas Edison Film Festival-- DIrector's Choice Award

2023 Woodstock Film Festival- finalist!

2023 Mars International Film Festival

2024 Best Animation Budapest International Film Festival



Musical Score, Orchestrations: Lanny Meyers

Song: “Truly Married”

Music and Lyrics: Bruce Kimmel//Kimmelsongs (ASCAP) Courtesy of Kritzerland

Sung by Sandy Bainum

Sound Design & Mix:  Michelle Madias//Sonic Union

DCP Authoring:  William Hohauser

Written, Directed, Animated, Designed by Candy Kugel

Produced by Buzzco Associates, inc.

©2022 Buzzco Associates, inc.

7 minutes


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