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Right after seeing A Warm Reception in L.A. at the judging for the C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle Awards, Susan Bartlett of the National Science Foundation asked us to create a PSA for her organization. She wanted Lanny Meyers to compose a jingle and she had fallen in love with our signature neon lines over black. It proved to be very successful for her!




I remember Susan's first call to us.  She said she had just seen a movie we made A Warm Reception in L.A. and I asked her how that could be possible since we hadn't released it yet? And she admitted she was a judge at the C.I.N.E. Gold Eagle Awards in D.C.

In 1987, during the Cold War, the U.S. State Department picked certain films that they found excellent to show off America's talent. And we were honored. And the National Science Foundation turned out to be the first of many advertisers to fall in love with our neon over black background design.


'88 Creativity award

Third Los Angeles International Animation Celebration 1989


Client: National Science Foundation: Susan Bartlett

Directors: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli

Design: Candy Kugel

Animation: Vincent Cafarelli

Music, Lyrics & Vocals: Lanny Meyers

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