Sesame Street: Animal Elevators

Sesame Street had a new curriculum that included the introduction of addition and subtraction for preschoolers, and we were asked to pitch an idea. This is a compilation of 2 Animal Elevators' spots- both subtraction and addition.

What could be better than an elevator where characters come and go? And they can enter and exit in groups, not just one by one.

I wrote some lyrics and Lanny Meyers wrote the music, and Lanny insisted that I join ASCAP.

Because I still get statements from ASCAP-- a few dollars each quarter, I know they're still playing it these days! 


3rd Los Angeles International Animation Celebration 1989


For Sesame Street

Arlene Sherman, producer

For Buzzco Associates

Directors: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli

Animators: Vincent Cafarelli and Vincent Bell

Design: Candy Kugel

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer

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