We Love it!

Here is an authentic, real-life story of what happens when the client, executive producer or publisher suggests "one little change."

"We Love It!" was completed in 1992 and made its U.S. premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. This story relates the all too familiar experience of doing work-for-hire; "We Love It!" may not necessarily mean "We Buy It". The inspiration of another great artist, Henri Matisse illuminates this film's style using cut-paper and traditional cel animation. Another great original score by Lanny Meyers will have audiences singing "We Love It!" for a long time.

One day we were sitting with a freelance layout artist whose work we had just pitched to the ad agency.  He said, “You know...my least favorite thing to hear at one of those meetings? “We Love It!...it makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. It’s always followed by…'But...we have one little change!'"

Sounds like a film!

I sent Lanny some lyrics-- well, words he rearranged and made into lyrics...and we got a song back.

At that same time, I was called into jury duty and there was no way out. So I packed up my Walkman, some colored pencils, a battery-operated pencil sharpener and a sketch book.  The court house had a “quiet room” for people to read-- this was pre-laptop popularity, so mostly people were reading.  Except for me. With my headphones and madly sketching scribbles, I was able to storyboard the 5-minute film in my 3 days there. I suppose people thought I was some sort of crazed idiot scribbling in a book. But I would not have ever had that much time without phone calls or other studio stuff to distract me.


  • 1 Reel Film Festival, Seattle, WA, USA - Participated
  • Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, USA - Non-competitive
  • 16th Portland International Film Festival, Portland, Oregon, USA - Participated
  • BACA 27th Film and Video Awards, Brooklyn, N.Y., USA - Honorable Mention
  • Virginia Festival of American Film, Charlottesville, Va., USA - Participated
  • Aspen Shortfest, Aspen, Colorado, USA - Participated
  • 17th Cleveland International Film Festival, Cleveland,Ohio, USA - Participated
  • Sinking Creek Film/Video Festival, Nashville, Tn., USA - Participated
  • Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, Wa., USA - Participated
  • Baltimore 24th Independent Film Festival, Baltimore, MD., USA - Participated
  • Cine 1993, Washington, D.C., USA - Golden Eagle
  • ASIFA East, New York, N.Y., USA - Prize Winner
  • North Carolina International Film Festival, Fayetteville, N.C., USA - Award Winner
  • Golden Gate Awards, San Francisco, CA., USA - Participated
  • 16th Denver Film Festival, Denver, Colorado, USA - Participated
  • 38th Cork International Film Festival, Cork, Ireland - Participated
  • College Film Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Cash Award
  • 11th Central Florida Film Festival, Orlando, Florida, USA - 1st Place
  • Asbury Film Festival, New York, N.Y., USA - Participated
  • Algarve Video/Film Festival, Algarve, Portugal - 1st Place Animation
  • Portland Creative Conference, Portland ,Oregon, USA - Participated
  • Cinequest, San Jose, Calif., USA - Participated
  • Clermont-Ferrand Short Fest - Participated
  • BIEFF, Birmingham, Alabama, USA - Cash Award
  • Cardiff International Animation Festival, London, England - Finalist
  • International Women in Film, Los Angeles, Calif., USA - Participated
  • Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, Australia - Participated
  • Lucy Fest '94, Jamestown, NewYork, N.Y. - Finalist
  • Tampere (Cine) - Participated
  • Baltimore Film Festival, Baltimore, MD., USA - Participated
  • Bombay Int'l Film and VideoFest - Participated
  • Florida Film Festival - Participated
  • Canadian Int'l Annual Film Festival - Participated
  • Mendrisio '94 Children's Festival - Participated
  • 5th Cairo Int'l Film Festival - Participated


•Sinking Creek Film Celebration, Nashville, Tn., USA - Included in broadcast
•ASIFA S.F., San Francisco, Ca., USA - By Request for public screening


Directors: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli
Producers: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli
Designer: Candy Kugel
Animator: Vincent Cafarelli
Written By: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli
Production Co.: Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Executive Producer: Marilyn Kraemer
Camera: John Rowohlt
Track Analysis: Max Seligman
Negative Match: Neil Lawrence
Music & Sound Design: Lanny Meyers
Lyrics: Candy Kugel & Lanny Meyers
Produced By: Lanstronaut, Inc.
Voices - Soloist: Lanny Meyers
Voices - Group: Deborah Torrez, David Clark, Eugene Ruffolo, Gisele PeiroI
Recorded At: Paradise Studios
Engineer: Jerry Pilato
Telecine Transfer: Princzko Productions
Colorist: Bill Willig
Film Processed At: Technicolor East Cost Div.


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