"Surprise!" was the first animation Candy Kugel ever attempted and it was lost for decades! Made at the Rhode Island School of design,  with Andrea Hollis in Chester Michalik's Intro to Filmmaking class. This was our final project, created on clear leader with patterned tape and magic markers. It was lost until filmmaker Russell Calabrese was visiting Buzzco and asked what the roll of 16mm film was. He brought it back to his studio and digitized it and then asked if he could create a track. This is the result!

I had already secured my internship with Perpetual Motion Pictures and convinced my friend sculptor Andrea Hollis to make an animated film instead of a live action or documentary film. I remember laying the leader out on one of the studio floors and we went at it. I believe we accomplished this in only a few days!


Animation: Candy Kugel and Andrea Hollis

Music: Russell Calabrese

Digitized by Russell Calabrese

Created at RISD 1970

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