American Airlines: American Eagle

Sam Milgrim of Bozell advertising agency called us for a new campaign for American Eagle, then a new small branch line of American Airlines. We created  Now there are Two and New Low Fares. It was one of the first spots we did as Buzzco Associates.

Buzz had just left for California when we got the call for this ad.  Most of our work up until then came from the MTV campaigns and other cable companies and Children's Television Network, but this was a real Madison Avenue-type client.  We did answer the call and bid on the work and we were awarded the spot.  Producer Sam Milgrim called me when that happened.  He thought the spots were going to go to a more established studio, but we had underbid them.  He wanted to make sure we could do it for the price we quoted. I assured him and his final thought to me before he hung up, "Just don't f**k it up!" We didn't...and Sam and I became close friends!


Again with the credits-- has to be from memory (around 1987)! The ad agency was  Bozell out of Dallas, Texas.  Sam Milgrim, the producer and Dave Wilgus, the art director.

For Buzzco Associates:

Directors: Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel

Designer: George Cannata

Animator: Jan Svochak

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer

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