October 26, 2023

Audition to be shown at MoMA - November 1st, 2023

Adrienne Mancia was a pivotal curator at the Museum of Modern Art's Film Archive. Early in my career she was not only encouraging to me personally, but she introduced me to some early influences. She passed away last December at the age of 95, and Museum of Modern Art is recognizing her contribution by showing blocks of her acquisitions in Modern Matinees.


From the catalog: The opening screening of Modern Matinees: In Celebration of Adrienne Mancia is dedicated to two of her strongest passions: short films and animated works. Often seeing them as opportunities for groundbreaking artistic experimentation, these titles are but a small selection of some of Adrienne Mancia’s favorite works from women directors: Maya Deren’s highly influential Meshes of the Afternoon, Agnès Varda’s comical, intimate, and socially engaged L'Opéra-Mouffe (directed while she was pregnant), Shirley Clarke’s whimsy portrait of daily life in Paris’ Luxembourg Gardens in In Paris Parks, and Candy Kugel’s humorous portrait of a woman striving for happiness and artistic recognition in Audition.

To read more about this film: Audition

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