Berenstain Bears Rules for Cubs

The American Academy of Pediatricssaw the Berenstain Bearskids as the perfect spokespeople to give kids safety tips in their "Rules for Cubs". Because we had worked on the the Berenstain Bears holiday specials at Perpetual Motion Pictures, Stan and Jan Berenstain recommended us for the job.

This was early in the Buzzco Associates career. When Buzz Potamkin left for Los Angeles, he left much of Buzzco Productions artwork with us. Luckily. Because when we were asked to recreate the Berenstain Bears a few years later, we had backgrounds and character models. Actually, because Jan Svochak was still on staff with us, he remembered it all!


(From memory)

Buzzco Associates, inc.

Directed by Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel

Animated by Jan Svochak

Backgrounds Linda Daurio

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