Between the Lions: The Storybooks

One of the ways Between the Lions encourages literacy is by animating children's storybooks, allowing the audience to read along with the narrator. For the past couple of years Buzzco has been fortunate to get incredibly interesting books and stories that are as different in tone and style as possible. These 5 pieces are based on existing published storybooks (all beautifully told and illustrated!)

Not Afraid of Dogs tells the story of Daniel who gets over his distaste (or is it fear?) of dogs during a thunderstorm one night. Watch the full story here.

Mole and the Baby Bird tells the story of a young mole who rescues a wild bird who had fallen out of its nest and the mole's reluctance to set it free after it recovered. Watch the full story here.

Chicks and Salsa is a wacky and fun look at farm life once the animals discover Southwestern cuisine! Watch the full story here.

Red Parka Mary tells the story of boy who is afraid of the elderly woman who lives near him, but learns to love and respect the lessons she teaches.  He gives her a Christmas present of a red parka, since she’s often cold in the winter and she gives him the greatest gift of all — her love. Watch the full story here.

A Birthday for Cow is a silly book that shows Pig, Mouse and Duck preparing a birthday surprise for Cow who has a surprise back for them! Watch the full story here.



When we got the call from WGBH's Between the Lions to create animation from established children's books we leapt at the challenge!  We needed to emulate each of the variety of illustrators' styles and master forgers Vinny and Bryon managed that with sensitivity and accuracy.


For Between the Lions:
Executive Producer: Judith Stoia and Bridge Sullivan
Executive Producers for Sirius Thinking: Christopher Cerf and Norman Stiles
Series Producer: Beth Kirsch

And each book:

Not Afraid of Dogs

Written by: Susanna Pitzer
Illustrated by: Larry Day
Published by: Walker & Company, New York
©2006 Susanna Pitzer and Larry Day
Read by: Jennifer Barnhart

Mole and the Baby Bird

Written by: Marjorie Newman
Illustrated by: Patrick Benson
Published by: Bloomsbury Children's Books, New York
©2002 Marjorie Newman and Patrick Benson
Read by: Jennifer Barnhart

Chicks and Salsa

Written by: Aaron Reynolds
Illustrated by: Paulette Bogan
Published by: Bloomsbury Children's Books, New York
©2005 Aaron Reynolds and Paulette Bogan
Read by: Jennifer Barnhart

Red Parka Mary

Written by: Peter Eyvindson
Illustrated by: Rhian Bynjolson
Published by: Pemmican Publications, inc.
©1996 Peter Eyvindson and Rhian Brynjolson
Read by: Heather Asch, Victoria Pontecorvo, and TJ Stanton

A Birthday for Cow 

Written and Illustrated by: Jan Thomas
Published by: Harcourt, Inc.
©2008 Jan Thmoas
Read by: Tim Lagasse and Heather Asch

All pieces: ©2007-2009 WGBH/Sirius Thinking. Between the Lions and related marks are trademarks of WGBH.

For Buzzco Associates, Inc.:
Directors: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli

Animator: Vincent Cafarelli

Additional Design: Candy Kugel

Assistants: Bryon Moore and Adrian Urquidez

Digital Artist: Rick Broas

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer


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