Buzzco was asked to create characters to identify with the See 'n Say® new geography toy, Kids Around the World™. Three multi-ethnic kids run around the world to open the spot and then two other happy kids 'high five' on top of the world at the end.

Kermit The Frog, the muppet created by Jim Henson, celebrated his 30th birthday with a talking, singing, fly-catching doll by TYCO.  It was the "fly-catching" part that Buzzco handled for TYCO's television campaign.

Fisher Price went digital, and created a website then needed a TV ad to show it.

I have very little memory of these-- I believe that all of them happened while I was away from the office and it was Vinny and Rick who did them... there were a variety of people at Y&R who worked on them, and I'm afraid I can't help there either. And somehow, we don't have video of these projects either!


Agency: Young & Rubicam
Agency Creative Director (art): Karen Abada
Agency Creative Director (writer): Mindy Rosengarten
Agency Producer: Dave Sepulveda, Paisley McCaffery, O'Hara Tudor

Production House: Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Directors: Vincent Cafarelli
Designers: Bill Peckmann
Animator: Vincent Cafarelli, Vincent Bell
Assistant: Richard Broas


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