When HBO Family was creating the launch of their preschool programming under the title of HBO Jam, they designed a character logo, Jammie. They needed ideas for some interstitial promos starring Jammie and Buzzco Associates went to the circus!

Designer Bill Peckmann came up with our circus clown chefs who catch Jammie on a large slice of bread...or not!

Based on the success of the first Circus spot, HBO Family decided that they'd like to see some more Circus situations and in the summer of 2004, three more Circus Jam ID's appeared.

Bill Peckmann was always a joy to work with! He always understood what would make the client happy and go beyond all that.


Agency: HBO Family
Agency Producer: Elaine Brown, Chrissie Hines

Production House: Buzzco Associates, Inc.
Directors: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli
Designers: Bill Peckmann, Candy Kugel
Animator: Vincent Cafarelli
Assistant: Richard Broas

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