February 1, 2020

In Memory of Bryon Moore

February 1, 2020: I met Bryon Moore back in the mid-1970s when we were both working at Perpetual Motion Pictures, and he went on to work at Buzzco for decades. Not only was he an incredible talent, he was a delightful elf-- adding magic and lightness to our workplace. As an integral part of our family, he continued to celebrate with us, even when working elsewhere. He was like a brother to me.

But when I called Bryon Moore for his 63rd birthday, October 17th, I got the news that Bryon had passed away earlier that day. He died peacefully with his family by his side.

Bryon worked and was loved by the New York animation community, so it was obvious for me to hold a memorial for him at Buzzco-- which we did just before the Covid shutdown. It was beautiful! People came as far as LA and Vermont and Massachusetts to talk about our dear friend. Leon Joosen and Sebastian Piras shot some of the proceedings and Russell Calabrese edited it. You can see it here. There were many who loved Bryon who couldn't make it.

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