July 12, 2023

InBetweening America showing in Williamsburg!

New York indy animator Willy Hartland curated "Made in NYC: Quality Animated Shorts" including my very first independent film, InBetweening America based on a New Yorker Magazine cover by Saul Steinberg. Made as an homage my hero, Mr. Steinberg declined to let it be shown publicly, a decision reversed by his estate and premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2001, 2 weeks after 9/11. It turned out even more appropriate.

The rest of this wonderful evening were:

Mark Newgarden’s Cartoons and You (2000)
Xeth Feinberg’s Winston (2023)
Debra Solomon’s Little Hurts (2022)
Candy Kugel’s Inbetweening America (2001)
John Canemaker’s John Lennon Sketchbook (1986)
Anna Samo’s Conversations With A Whale (2020)
Morgan Miller’s There’s a Bison on the Prairie (2022)
JJ Sedelmaier’s Cluckin Chicken (1992)
Willy Hartland’s Wham Blam Thank You Clam (1982)
Signe Baumane’s Teat Beat for Sex (2007)
Jeremiah Dickey’s My Dear Mr. Whitman (2023)
George Griffin’s A Little Routine (1994)

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