January 31, 2024

Jury for FI:AF Animation First Film Festival

I was delighted when I was asked to be a member of the jury determining the Best Francophone Short in the Animation First Film Festival, now in its seventh year in existence. I was joined by Marco de Blois, curator of the Cinématèque Québéquoise, and Marcos Chin a New York based illustrator. The selection of shorts was extraordinary with nothing that couldn't be prize-worthy in itself. Our deliberations led us to determine 3 prizes: Honorable Mention to Summer 96 noting the beautiful graphics evoking its memory, another to Maurice's Bar noting its historical importance that could only be told through animation with its contemporaneous graphics, and the Best Francophone Short went to the amazing pinscreen film, The Purple Season, noted for its excellent graphic design, story and sound.

Marcos Chin, Candy Kugel, Marco de Blois --
I was tempted to call myself MarCA-tina

My less than fluent announcement of Best Francophone movie
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