More Radio Spots

Dale Pon, the master of radio station branding, came back to us multiple times with bigger and smaller stations.

KPPL was a radio station in Denver that had a very popular married couple hosting morning drive time.

K-LITE was an easy-listening station in LA and we created the light bulb mascot for them.

KKFR was a hot rock station that needed a dancing bear.

WAZU had a crow, I think.

Dale was also the person behind KNBR (the first radio station ad we did for him which led to our working on the initial MTV), KMET and KMPC and finally CD-101.9, those three have their own honeycomb!

What I remember from the K-LITE ad is how Dale wanted to feature their entire playlist without having to shoot the stars separately.  So he got us 8x10 chromes and we "MTV-ed" them and "monty-pythoned" their arm movement to get the lights turned on!

KPPL needed to promote a married couple, so what better than to feature them in bed. The people in police uniforms were the staff of Buzzco at the time-- all wearing the same uniform, then cut out and collaged!

And the poor actor in the bear suit for KKFR.  It was a hot room with the lights and the costume was heavy and hot.  The actor, Jerry Carroll, was awash in sweat by the end and probably lost about 10 pounds.  You might remember Jerry Carroll from the Crazy Eddie commercials in the mid-1980's "with prices so low-- it's insane!" And Crazy Eddie's owners being indicted for fraud.


I'm afraid my memory fails me with these spots-- Dale Pon Advertising and Buzzco Associates with all the usual names!

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