The first of many projects we did with expert radio station brander, Dale Pon. KNBR's hosts, Frank and Mike, meet celebrities at a big Hollywood bash!

I was still working for Perpetual Motion Pictures when I met Dale Pon at a party.  He was working for NBC (I believe) at the time, specializing in advertising their radio stations nationwide. He had a project that screamed out for animation, and I said I'd introduce him to my boss, producer Buzz Potamkin.

At the meeting he said he wanted to have the radio hosts at a big Hollywood bash, but they didn't have any budget. I had just come back from the Ottawa International Animation Festival where I saw indy filmmakers use a new Xerox capability-- to translate 16mm film into individual paper frames. We were able to take some stock footage and then "potchke" them up to look like adoring fans of the hosts. I could also shoot inside and outside Cadillac limousines because Buzz's uncle had a dealership in Manhattan.

This was all pulled together quite quickly, and most significantly, led to Warner Amex finding us to create the initial man on the moon for MTV's launch!


This would completely be by memory-- Dale Pon was the advertiser, not sure where he worked or if he had his own company by then...Perpetual Motion Pictures was the animation studio, Buzz Potamkin was the producer. I was the director, designer, animator-- that saying-- it was me and the ink and paint department!

On screen talent-- Frank and Mike and...JOHNNY MATHIS!!!



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