Mad Magazine for Kids: Flipbooks

We grew up reading Mad Magazine, so it was a no-brainer when art director, Sam Viviano called asking us to make a flipbook for their first edition of their bi-monthly magazine, MadKids.  They had created a 3-D sculpture of “Wallace and Vomit” to parody the opening of Aardman’s Curse of the  Were-Rabbit in December 2005 and wanted to see it move!  Vincent Cafarelli got to the task and created a 44-page flipbook for the readers to cut and assemble.

That proved to be so successful that Mad came back in Spring of 2007 to create a double flipbook of their successful comic strip, Spy vs Spy Jr. for the May edition.  In this version, the young black and white antagonists torture each other with water balloons!  And, as expected, in one version White wins and in the other Black wins!

Mad Magazine for Kids' art director Sam Viviano was delighted with this experiment, getting his print assets to move. We made these little movies which we hoped could lead to more... But so far, no...



Mad Magazine for Kids: Art Director: Sam Viviano

Buzzco Associates, inc

Creative Directors: Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel

Animation: Vincent Cafarelli and Rick Broas


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