April 23, 2018

MoMA: An Evening With Candy Kugel

April 23, 2018: The Museum of Modern Art in New York City presented An Evening with Candy Kugel. The evening was held in the Titus 2 theater to a sold out audience.

The description of the evening from the Museum's program:

In Candy Kugel's new film I, Candy (2018), the process of deconstructing a childhood drawing triggers the artist's reflections on a personal history with anti-Semitism, political activism, and life choices affected by luck and determination. Displaying an encyclopedic range of animation techniques with remarkable dexterity, I, Candy is a testament to Kugel's pioneering 45-year career in the field. Animation artist and historian John Canemaker joins Kugel to discuss her legacy as a woman artist in the traditionally male business of animation.


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And this was my favorite part-- being interviewed by the fabulous John Canemaker!

Film used with the permission of the Museum of Modern Art

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