Munchies opening titles

When Buzzco was asked to create the main titles for the Roger Corman movie, Munchies (directed by Bettina Hirsch) we jumped at the chance. Not only was the look right up our alley — combing the MTV Memphis Milano patterns with A Warm Reception in L.A.’s neon colors over black — but the film was crying for funny cartoon-y titles. Although Mr. Corman originally had balked at the price tag, the title sequence went on to win the Creativity ’87 Award for Design which he found delightful!

Bettina Hirsch is my big sister.  She had had a long career as a film editor (she was the first female president of ACE!) she thought she'd like a chance to direct her own movie.  She had been the editor of Joe Dante's Gremlins and ready for her own monster movie and legendary producer, Roger Corman, agreed.

I guess having my sister direct her first feature film made it possible for Buzzco to get into that field. But it wasn't that easy.  My pitch had to make it past her producers and art director and we did!

And as much as our budget was questioned, when Roger Corman got the certificate from the Creativity Awards, he said he had never gotten an award for his titles before. I replied that if he would up his budget in the future, he'd see more of them!



Executive Producer: Roger Corman

Producer: Ginny Nugent

Director: Bettina Hirsch

Titles by

Buzzco Associates, inc.

Directed by Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli

Design by Candy Kugel

Animation by Vincent Cafarelli

Producer Marilyn Kraemer

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