Nick Jr.: Show & Tell

The seven 2-3 minute pieces were created by Lynn Kestin for Nick Jr. They were put together from original stories and artwork of kindergarten children. The children made up their own little story and drew pictures or made clay figures to go along with them. Lynn then filmed them telling their stories to the camera and showing off their art. Our task was to keep faithful to both the integrity of the art and deeper meaning of the story.

Academy Award-winning clay animator Jimmy Picker animated the three clay pieces. Vinny and I took the crayon drawings and brought them to life with help from Sheng, Ava and Nouri - our interns - who said it was fun working with crayons again after all these years.

This project was so great and it coincided with 3 people who asked to intern one summer: Nouri Zander, Sheng  Huang, Ava Bove. They were all pretty bored with their daily tasks when the opportunity to actually ANIMATE came in.  Of course Vinny and I were around to help them, especially with expression and timing, but it was a joy to watch them work! And the drawings were all on construction paper, drawn with crayons.

And the kids who had worked with Play-Doh got Oscar-winner Jimmy Picker to animate their ideas.


1997: ASIFA-East: Excellence in Education


(from memory)

Nickelodeon: Nick Jr.

Lynn Kestin: creator/director of live action


Buzzco Associates, inc.

Directors: Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli

Assistant Animators: Nouri Zander, Ava Bove, Sheng Huang

Clay animation created by Jimmy Picker

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer


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