The Adventures Of The Maltese Cat

The Adventures of the Maltese Cat is an adaption of the Rudyard Kipling short story. Producer Larry Spangler had just produced a documentary feature film about polo and he thought having a cartoon proceeding it would add a little something! So he came to Buzzco Associates to produce this very ambitious short.




We could never say "no" to an opportunity and this one was a doozie! A 7-minute animated short about 2 teams of polo ponies (all with 4 legs!) and riders (2 more legs and 2 arms) mallets and a ball...and they would be playing polo almost the entire time.

We approached designer George Cannata with his signature cartoony style that would give the ponies their special personalities and we all learned a lot about polo!

So we said yes- we expanded our workforce, squeezing our staff both literally and figuratively (we had to produce a lot of drawings and then painted cels). And we did it! And people loved it! See for yourself!



The Adventures of the Maltese Cat

©1991 Pollo AG

Designed by George Cannata

Music composed by Randall Crissman & Lauren Wild

Song "The Maltese Cat" written by Randall Crissman & Lauren Wild

performed by Lauren Wild

Production Manager Marilyn Kraemer

Produced entirely at Buzzco Associates, inc. NYC

Produced by Larry Spangler

Written by Jane Angus

Directed by Candy Kugel & Vincent Cafarelli

Additional Design: Candy Kugel & Bryon Moore

Layout: George Cannata, Howard Beckerman, Candy Kugel

Animation: Vincent Bell, Vincent Cafarelli, Paul Sparagano, Norton Virgien, Willis Pyle

Assistant Animation: Bryon Moore, Mike Baez, Gordon Bellamy

Inbetweening: Robert Andujar, Mak Bykov, Tom Warburton

Backgrounds: Cotty Kilbanks

Ink & Paint Supervisor: Steve Parton

Camera: John Rowohlt

Voice Track Producer: Becky Hoffman, recorded at Nutmeg Recording

Voices: Bob Sevra, Robert Lydiard, Len Maxwell, Don Peoples, Chriss Phillips, Marsh Savella

Track Analysis: Max Seligman

Sound Editor: Sue Demskey

Sound Mix: PhotoMag, engineer: Steve Rosen

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