USA: Opening Titles

When USA Network first broadcast they acquired existing programming and put them in blocks. Buzzco created a lot of these (including Cartoon Express in another post): Sunday Showdown, Kung Fu Theater and In A Minute to name a few.

I had taken some time off and Vinny took care of Kung Fu Theater and In a Minute so I'm afraid I'm totally useless for those two.  He met with the clients, did the collages (his daughter is featured in In A Minute) and animated them. I was back for Sunday Showdown.  They gave us a videotape of some of the Westerns they were going to show and we shot images from a TV-- scan lines and all.  Then I "MTV-ed" them and we put them together. For the title, I kept the horizontal scan line feeling because I wanted everything to be consistent. What I forgot, and was reminded of in the film-to-tape session, was how thin horizontal lines will shimmer in Standard Definition NTSC screens. The engineer and I tried to minimize the flickering, but when the client came in she said, "How great! You captured the shimmering desert sun!" What we thought was a bug, turned out to be a feature!


USA Network

Producer: Paula Brown

Kung Fu Theater/ In A Minute

Buzzco Associates, Inc.

Directed, Animated, Designed by Vincent Cafarelli

Sunday Showdown

Directors: Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli

Design: Candy Kugel


Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli

Producer: Marilyn Kraemer



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