What I Want

NORA YORK (1956–2016) was an adventurous jazz singer and performance artist whose genre-crossing work defies easy categorization. “What I Want” was the eponymous  song in Nora York’s 2006 album. What I Want explains the human condition– you can’t always get what you want.


Early in 2005, I ran into Nora York on the street. Nora had sung the lead in our 2000 independent film Nothing At All.  She asked me if I’d like to do a simple music video for the lead song of her latest album. 

I jumped at the chance! When I heard the song– so clever and infectious– I saw immediately how to visualize it. And it was perfect for the new software I was learning, Flash.

It was very popular, Nora played it at her concerts and it ran on the Ovation Channel as an interstitial filler.


Vocals: Nora York
Words and Music by Nora York
©nora york music 2004

Video by Candy Kugel
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Thanks to Vincent Cafarelli and Rick Broas

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