Wish on the Moon

Wish on the Moon is an animated short directed and animated by Candy Kugel based on the song written by Barry Kleinbort and Jamie deRoy (lyrics) and Shelly Markham (music).

The song was originally written for “The Child in Me: Volume 2,” part of the Jamie deRoy & friends series on Harbinger Records. It was originally recorded by Dee Hoty, and then again as the title song for Jamie’s solo CD: “Wish on the Moon."

One day Jamie deRoy, the successful producer of Broadway plays and a cabaret, stage, film and TV performer, called me in the middle of the COVID lockdown. Broadway had been completely shut down since March 2020 and she was eager for a new project. She had a song she had recorded for an old album of hers, which she thought could make a good  music video. Jamie is a good friend of Lanny Meyers, the composer I’ve collaborated with for most of my career.

When I heard the song, I could see immediately that she was right.  It’s a theme I’ve played with over the years and this was an opportunity to finally make it work.  And it hit a nerve with film festival judges and audiences alike– it’s gotten into more than a dozen film festivals and won prizes as well!


A film by Candy Kugel
©2021 Buzzco Associates, inc.

Music: Shelly Markham   
Lyric: Barry Kleinbort and Jamie deRoy
Vocal: Jamie deRoy

Piano: Shelly Markham   
Bass: Maryann McSweeney
Guitar: Kevin Kuhn

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Manhattan Beach Studios, NYC    
Engineers: Danny Lawrence and Dan Hopler

Publisher: Artesian Music 
Division Street Music (ASCAP),
Jamie deRoy & friends, inc. (ASCAP)
© Jamie deRoy & friends, inc.



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