Daddy's Girl

After the success of Wish on the Moon Jamie deRoy came back with another song!



I have to say that being aware of sensitivities from the #MeToo movement, I hesitated to make this video. It took me a while to figure out how to tell the story of the very real healthy relationship between a girl and her daddy, giving his daughter the confidence in creating a healthy life with her future partner. While I was working on the film, I showed the progress to many fathers-- they cried! And daughters-- they loved it!


International Manhattan Film Awards- Best Music Video 2022

London Filmmaker Awards-Best Music Video 2022

LA Indies- Best Animation 2022

San Diego Art Film Festival-Best Music Video 2022

New York Independent Cinema Awards-Best Music Video Nominee 2022

LA Independent Film Channel Festival-Best Animation Nominee 2022

Paris International Short Festival- Semi-Finalist Best Music Video 2022

Palm Springs International Film Awards-Semi-Finalist Best Music Video 2022

Paris Women Festival-Semi-Finalist Best Music Video 2022

London Indie Short Festival-Semi-Finalist Best Music Video 2022

Cannes International Shorts, Boston Independent Film Awards, California Indies, Philadelphia Cinema Awards- Official Selection 2022





A film by Candy Kugel

Music & Lyric: Jamie deRoy, Lanny Meyers, Jane R Snyder

Vocal: Jamie deRoy

Piano: Lanny Meyers

Bass: Bob Rehiho

Drums/Percussion: Rex Benincasa

Guitar: Larry Salzman

Backup Vocals: Margaret Dorn, Sara Krieger, Paul Rolnick

Producer: Paul Rolnick

Recorded & Mixed: Manhattan Beach Studios, NYC

Engineers: Danny Lawrence & Dan Hopler

Mastered at ARF Digital! Alan Silverman

Publisher: Jamie deRoy & friends, inc (ASCAP)

Nothing Plain about...this Jane! (ASCAP)

©Jamie deRoy & friends, inc

Consultant: Barry Kleinbort

Video produced by Jamie deRoy

Directed, written, designed & animated by Candy Kugel

©Buzzco Associates, inc.





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