Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks was a music video series for The Playboy Channel developed and produced by Buzzco Productions and Fred/Alan Productions in 1983. It showed videos "too hot for MTV". Buzzco Productions created a Tinkerbell type character for some interstitial ID's and a feature title sequence for Let's Do It!

I was the only female at the table. I felt so liberated being able to talk freely about sexual fantasy, until it felt uncomfortable.  In any case, I was glad to be asked in the first place.

As it happened, I had been working for Buzz Potamkin for over 10 years without taking a vacation. We agreed that I could take 2 months off during the summer of 1983 because he was pitching more shows than actually getting into production. The last thing I did was design, storyboard and layout for the main titles for a breast-obsessed movie originally called Oh, Whattah Boy!, then renamed Let's Do It!

When I returned at the end of August, I asked to see it, but it had been delivered already. I had almost forgotten about this project until Fred Seibert, who I had contacted for inclusion in this website, sent the movie to me in order to be included. It totally surprised me-- I recognized my drawings, but I had never seen the animation--expertly created by Vincent Cafarelli, and maybe Jan Svochak, while I was on vacation-- and was very impressed that I could have come up with it!


From memory, for the interstitials...

Producers Buzz Potamkin, Fred Seibert, Alan Goodman

Character designed by Linda Daurio

Storyboards by Candy Kugel

Backgrounds by Linda Daurio

Animation by Vincent Cafarelli and Jan Svochak

Music/sound design Tom Pomposello

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