Norm Bendell

Whenever Norm Bendell's humorous illustrations appear, people pay attention. His style has been featured in some of today's most successful print and television campaigns. It's no accident. Humorous illustration is a great way to cut through the clutter of our lives, and Norm is adept at communicating complex concepts in a warm, friendly style. That's why his work consistently scores higher when tested. And that's why people pay attention.

Norm has collaborated often and successfully with Buzzco. Their first television commercial together was for Budget Gourmet, which broke all time sales records for 'New frozen food product introductions', and was written up in various trade magazines. It was so successful, both the ad agency and 'All American Foods' were purchased and merged into much larger competitors. It also forced Norm to quit his Creative Director job and become a full time illustrator.

That was followed by work for Clearblue Easy, ABC Fun Facts, First Morris Banks, and SouthWestern Bell. This successful campaign helped reap SW Bell profits that led to their tremendous growth and eventual purchase of AT&T.

The long running Ciba/Program campaign was very successful, winning both advertising (two Effies in a row!!) and craft awards (various animation prizes). Norm had to beat (by a huge 16 point margin) seven very well known illustrators in focus group testing to get us that campaign.The campaign was so successful it set all new sales records for 'animal healthcare products'. Because of its success, the ad agency was quickly purchased by a much larger agency.

Their latest collaboration was for American Girl Magazine for their launch of AGTV, a magazine format show for girls aged 8-14. Norm designed the cast of six girls and a dog who would host all future episodes and are now appearing in books and other print.


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