March 22, 2023

Tale of Two Weddings at Glen Rock!

Candy Kugel's latest film, A Tale of Two Weddings, had its premiere as part of the Thomas Edison Film Festival as part of the Glen Rock, NJ Art Council on March 4, 2023. Buzzco's Social Bee, Maya Ezzeddine posted an Instagram ( post about the event. The photo is of me and TEFF director, Jan Steuerwald. The event was a big success-- the audience was very enthusiastic. And as an added surprise, Pam Woodruff, the actress who played Juniper in Knitwits was there! We hadn't seen each other in decades and agreed that was an incredibly funny project that was created decades too early-- it would have been a great series!

Jane Steuerwald and Candy Kugel
Glen Rock Arts Council, Jane Steuerwald & Candy Kugel
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