USA Network: Calliope

When USA Network first came on the air, they had a children's section. They had acquired films to put together in a show they called Calliope. It was very low budget and asked Buzzco Productions to make a generic opening and glue to go between the various films. Although this was done before Buzz Potamkin left for California, it led to many more projects with Buzzco Associates.

Gene and his dog, Liza. They were designed in a way that there would be no need for lip sync-- just keep moving Gene's chin and his mustache could cover anything.  And Liza just pantomimed! It got USA Network through many seasons!


(from memory)

Buzzco Productions: Buzz Potamkin, producer

Creative team: Vincent Cafarelli and Candy Kugel

Design: Wayne Becker

Animation: Vincent Cafarelli, Vincent Bell, Jan Svochak, Candy Kugel

Backgrounds: Linda Daurio

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