Tom Warburton & Newbies

Candy started out as an intern (called a go-fer back then-- go for this, go for that!) at Perpetual Motion Pictures. And it was invaluable.

From the beginning Buzzco made it a point to hire summer interns or, when needed, recent grads for their first job. Tom Warburton was the latter. We interviewed him, but had no work and occasionally he would stop by and show us more samples. One day, he happened to stop by when we needed another pair of hands and voila! He and Vinny hit it off right away and Vinny would give Tom special help after work. And then he went on and became a great success!

But he was not the only one! Nouri Zander was a former intern who started with Sheng Huang working on pieces for Nick Jr's Show & Tell. Nouri and Sheng stayed on to work on Nothing At All all of us discovering the marvels of AfterEffects. Nouri continued for a few more years then he continued to a major career!

And there were more--  Toni Tysen, Kallen Chi, Corrie Francis Parks just to name a few. We love to share our enthusiasm for animation and watch our newbies shine on their own!

And often we learn as much from our interns as they have from us!


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